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Texas probate in 8 steps

Probate in Texas can take a long time if you do not have the right help. Each county has its qualifications, and if you do not start in the proper jurisdiction, the court might reject your filing. The probate process has eight definitive steps. See the list below to...

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When does a Texas estate require probate?

When you begin the process of planning your estate, you may want to consider the impact of probate on your loved ones. With this process, the Texas court supervises the administration of your estate. Review the requirements of probate in the Lone Star State as you...

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What if a guardian fails to file the annual expenses report?

Having someone take care of your loved one’s estate is delicate, and the court knows this. That is why the court asks estate guardians to file an annual report of the expenses made with the ward’s estate. That way, the court can see how they have spent the ward’s...

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How to prevent someone contesting a will

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time for their friends and family. If the decedent did not create a strong enough estate plan, their potential heirs might experience serious conflicts with one another over who deserves what amount from the estate....

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A will contest can come to light for many reasons

Estate litigation is not something you want to think about, but there could come a point in your life when you have no choice but to dive into the finer details of the process. A will contest is one of the most common reasons for estate litigation. There are many...

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