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Your Estate Or Trust Conflict

Why You May Need To Dispute A Guardianship

Old age, injury or a debilitating illness are all factors that can take away your loved one’s ability to make sound decisions. In such cases, the elderly or incapacitated individual may benefit from guardianship of their self and their estate.

An appointed guardian may not always have your family member’s best interests in mind, however. For this reason, if you suspect that someone you care about is being manipulated by a guardian, or you have other guardianship concerns, contact us. Fisher & Welch can help you investigate whether your loved one’s guardian is not acting in good faith.

When To File A Petition

Even if the guardian is another family member, misconduct can still take place. As such, you may wish to petition the court to undo a guardianship motion.

Dispute the fitness of a court-appointed guardian when you believe that they have:

  • Failed to perform their duties
  • Exerted undue influence over the ward
  • Mismanaged the estate under their care
  • Neglected the ward’s needs or abused them

But just because you do not agree with the actions of a guardian does not necessarily mean that they are not fulfilling their fiduciary duties. To confirm your suspicions, or for a second opinion, it is best to work closely with an attorney who can help you analyze the details of your case.

Don’t Let Someone You Love Get Taken Advantage Of

A sudden disinheritance or changes to your loved one’s will after they become a ward of their guardian can leave you with many questions. Let us get you answers. Should our attorneys discover any wrongdoing, they will not hesitate to help you take legal actions.

Protect your future and prevent the exploitation of a parent or other family member today. From our office in Dallas, we serve clients in high-stake cases of guardianship disputes across the state of Texas. To learn more about our services, contact us at 214-661-9400 or send us an email online.

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