Efficiently Resolving

Your Estate Or Trust Conflict

Get Through A Probate Dispute Without Breaking Family Ties

Settling an estate or going through the probate process has been known to tear families apart. Through the proper methods of dispute resolution, however, you and your loved ones can work to reach an agreement that preserves your relationships.

If a contentious probate dispute is threatening to disrupt your family’s peace, reach out today. At Fisher & Welch, our attorneys can offer their counsel or serve as an intermediary to help facilitate difficult conversations.

We understand that grief can lead to misplaced anger and conflict – that it is not always about who gets grandma’s jewelry or the money she left behind. Often the issues arise from long-standing grievances that have nothing to do with the probate process itself.

But no matter what has prompted the disagreement, before you and your loved ones take the matter to court, you should consider your options. Litigating a probate dispute can be expensive. It can also break up your family for good. Exploring mediation can reduce your expenses and lead to a more positive outcome for all involved.

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