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Could Your Sudden Disinheritance Be A Result Of Undue Influence?

Coupled with the loss of a family member, a sudden disinheritance can come as a shock. But before you resign yourself to this unexpected turn of events, you should first question the validity of the will or estate plan. Unfortunately, a caretaker or even another family member may have exerted undue influence over your loved one for their own gain.

Was Your Loved One Coerced Deceived, Or Intimidated?

Undue influence occurs when one individual wrongfully induces another to take some legally significant action, such as signing a new will. A person whose will is subverted by coercion, deception, or intimidation is induced to do something he would not otherwise have done, and thereby becomes a victim of undue influence.

Through tactics such as withholding care or forced isolation, an individual may persuade the victim to:

  • Make changes to an existing will or estate plan
  • Disinherit their children or other family members
  • Sign away their business interests
  • Transfer ownership of their properties
  • Allocate more of their assets to said individual

When another’s deception has the potential to strip you of your inheritance, you need a legal team that is ready to fight for you. To discuss your concerns, contact us at 214-661-9400.

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