Efficiently Resolving

Your Estate Or Trust Conflict


“You were both amazing! Thank you … for all the hours and work you put into making justice happen. Your closing statements were direct and forceful. It was like watching a well-scripted movie. We will always be indebted to you for saving [the] estate.”– David Kam, Dallas, Texas

“Not only are you an attorney of outstanding legal mind, but one who is considerate of the personal concerns of the client.”
– Stephen F. Roise Jr., Seattle, Washington

“Many thanks … I guess it pays to have young gunslingers when you get into a fight in Texas.”
– Larry Salter, Lawrenceville, Georgia

“My appreciation for your unbelievable skills and efforts in the arbitration is enormous. I so admire your dogged hard work, organization and patience.”
– Dianne Eastman, Emeryville, California

“You took the time to understand and assess all elements of a rather technical case. Our side was simply better prepared. With your counsel, I always felt that we were working from a strong, informed position. I was impressed.”
– Myles Falvella, Bedminster, New Jersey

“As a businessman, I am compelled to point out that it is the Jim Fishers of the world who make companies truly successful. There certainly are not very many like him around.”
– W. A. Fitzhugh, Dallas, Texas

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